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About Alyce Wolfe

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Alyce teaches painting classes and art lessons in Seattle, WA. She loves to encourage people to grow in the world of art and painting.


In her own artwork, Alyce is drawn to beauty, creativity and ideas. She uses a process of brainstorming and inspiration provided by nature and people to lead her to a piece of art or illustration. Her love of that process is inspired by many artists - from Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Norman Rockwell, E.H. Shephard ie Winnie the Pooh books as well as more current artists such as animal artist Eileen Sorg, and portrait artist Daniel Greene. Using a photographic memory and focusing on the details in images through various mediums, Alyce strives to create compositions that speak to the soul and are pleasing to the eye of the beholder. Art is a product of her study of the wonderful world surrounding us.


In the past 4 years Alyce has moved from fine art to the wonderful world of illustration. She has illustrated Van Chestnutt's book Brian and the Storm as well as Jay Pearson's young adult fiction: Blood of the Dragon series. She loves the process of working with an author to figure out what their vision looks like in illustrations for their book.

Alyce is an artist, a children's book illustrator, an art teacher, and a plant lover. You can check out her art and illustrations here. 

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"I've gone to two of Alyce's painting classes and they are so much fun. She is all about helping each guest find their creative side. Even people who would never say they are artistic leave with a painting they can be proud to say they have made."  - Leigh 

Alyce created an above and beyond experience for my daughter's 9th birthday. So much so I had her come do another painting class for my daughter's 12th birthday party. At both experiences, Alyce did a great job at working with the group of four girls as a whole and helped each one with their different challenges. She was super patient and helped the girls create their own art treasure. It was fun for me to see how one guided painted picture could be so individua for each child. The guided painting did just that. It helped create a place to start but each girl had the freedom to create it in different ways. We will certainly be having her back again!

-Holly L.

Not only is Alyce an amazing artist, she is also an incredible instructor. Along with the skills of teaching a group she has the ability to teach you individually and help you be a better artist. I've attended several of Alyce's art classes and each time I've learned something new that has helped me improve my skill of painting. The classes too I've found very relaxing and enjoyable. Painting is fun!   -Angela C.


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