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Alyce's Art & Illustrations

Acrylic Paints

Alyce's Story

Alyce has been painting and drawing since she was a child. All the way up through middle school and high school she loved art classes and learned drawing and painting from her mom and grandparents who loved various forms of drawing and oil painting. She decided to major in drawing and painting at Grace College, a small liberal arts college in Winona Lake, IN. It was there she realized her love of detail in portraits, hands, faces, clothing, and landscape. 

She grew up in the Midwest - Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. Memories of growing up romping around the countryside climbing trees and playing in creeks has given her a love of drawing trees which you can see in her various pen & ink tree drawings. 

She started having art shows at coffee shops, small shop galleries.

After moving to Seattle Alyce taught and is teaching preschool art for the past 17 years. She loves teaching kids to grow in a love for art. Seeing kids use their imaginations in play has given her lots of ideas for future books. Reading books to the kids regularly started her desire to use her artistic talent to illustrate children's books. She has illustrated Brian and the Storm by author Van Chestnutt as well as Jay Pearson's Blood of the Dragon and Heart of the Dragon young adult fiction series. 

This past summer Alyce recently made the big leap to illustrating books full time and teaching kids and adult painting classes part time. 

Alyce is an artist, illustrator, kayaker, and plant lover. Contact her if you need an illustrator to illustrate your book or commission her to create a piece of art.

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